The player and the enemy take turns in attacking and defending to the music. Each level is progressively harder and if you like cheesy storylines in a Synthwave setting, you're in for a treat! 

This 3 stage game was made over a 2 week period during My First Game Jam, Summer 2020. A downloadable version is available on Dusk's itch page

.•♫•♬•  Controls & Music  •♬•♫•.

  • Please use your mouse cursor to replay or advance to the next level.
  • Use speakers or wired headphones, as *wireless* headphones introduce lag.
  • Use your keyboard's arrow keys when the corresponding arrow lands in the white circle, on the beat. The blue arrows represent player attacks and the red arrows represent enemy attacks, where you can defend or get hit.
  • Total game time is approximately 10-15 minutes.

.•♫•♬•  How to win  •♬•♫•.

  • Successive hits give you higher damage output. In order to win, you need to hit notes without missing.
  • If you don't fully deplete the enemy's health bar, you need to replay the level.

.•♫•♬•  Team credits  •♬•♫•.




  • Lead programmer: DustyDusk
  • Concept: SineTwo & DustyDusk
  • Artist: Irene
  • UI: DustyDusk
  • Programmer: SineTwo
  • Story: Irene
  • Animations and lighting: SineTwo
  • Producer: SineTwo
  • Music: SineTwo

And of course, a huge shoutout to the 'My First Game Jam' community for keeping everyone's spirits up and supporting. It's been a lot of hard work but great fun!

.•♫•♬•  Tech stack  •♬•♫•.

  • Engine: Unity
  • Pipeline: 2D URP
  • Assets: Koreographer
  • Mechanics: built for jam
  • UI: built for jam
  • Dialogue system: built for jam


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love it! it's very fun, i really enjoyed this!

-Also, Made a Video.

-The Game: 00:06 (The 1st Game)


Very nice work, any chance of download so I can do a video to highlight please?

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Sure thing, on Dusk's page there are downloadable versions 😊


Thanks :)


Please let us know your video link when you've done it, we'd love to see!

I was about to start, but I don't get any character graphics on start and in the battle - Black screen, any ideas?


I did this playthrough using the browser version

(1 edit) (+1)

The art style is so awesome and I love the music! I've actually been wanting to play a rhythm fighting game for so long, and this really hits the spot. The dialogue is also incredible and funny. I love this game.

Thanks so much! 

There are a few others, like Klang and Metronomicon. I'm hoping this will include proper combos (like a fighter) and a bunch of other features at some point! 


Love it! (And I was super impressed even before I saw it was a 'first game jam' submission - :D )

Hah that's much appreciated. I think it helped that we did some design and planning ahead of time so we had a good way forward when the jam started


Very good game, the graphics are great and the music is brilliant!!!

Many thanks Bredulu, we appreciate it! 

I'll post the tracks sometime this week


Very good graphics and audio, congrats on that!

Cheers tottori, it means a lot to us


Great job, all! Definitely gonna have to check in from time to time to see what you're up to!

Thanks it was a solid team effort. I'm hoping to make something more of this when the rest of the features have been defined and there is a way is easily incorporating more levels ☺


great music and art

Thanks for the kind words Mom0


You had me from the first post on your devlog, and I was not disappointed!

(1 edit)

Great to see the devlog had an impact! Thanks 


I've been so excited to play this since I saw its beginnings on the MFGJ forum and discord, and it was everything I hoped! Really impressed by the level of polish across the board and I desperately want an OST (and also Koreographer).

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! 

I'll post the tracks on this page next week when I'm back on the computer 👍 

And koreographer is definitely worth the dosh. If I didn't have that we'd never be able to make this


very nice game!!

Many thanks Sinigangshake


I absolutely love the music and visuals, this is a synthwave treat!

Thank you! We didn't really have synthwave as a theme in mind to begin with but it just naturally went that way for the team ☺


omg this is crazy good!!!

You should continue and do a full release!!!

Thank you so much. Whilst we treated the game jam as a trial for the game, and whilst we found a lot of interesting issues and polish we can apply, I would be quite keen on getting this on to mobile. 

It definitely needs more polish and substance but I think if we add more RPG elements to it, it could work (spells, potions etc) 


I've been waiting for this, and now it's here! Great job for making this amazing game with cool visuals & music!

I hope you can add a downloadable version to this game.


The downloadable version of the game is here!


Keep getting my @$$ beat! But I love the game.  The image pretty much sums up my skill level with your game, but as I said before, it is fun and I hope you continue development on it.

Thanks! I reckon carry on trying and you'll easily get to the end. The majority depends on the combos really!


Very nice visuals and music! It's like a mini DDR. But I wish it wasn't considered a defeat if your opponent has less HP than you at the end of a track. :c

(Then again, I don't have great reaction times, so take that with a grain of salt. c: )


It's something we discussed in quite some detail. It felt as though some players found it too easy unless there was a complete defeat. 

In all honesty it was really hard to find the right balance, as some people said it was too easy and others too hard! 

We also considered having difficulty levels per stage, but it was extra work we didn't have time to do unfortunately. Now that we've got the game working more or less, this would be pretty easy to incorporate. 


The visuals are amazing! I really like the game. Although i discovered a bug : You can win if you just smash all arrows in the rythm. But congrats!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks TscheiBie, unfortunately this is something we didn't have time to implement. Ideally we would detract something (combo, multiplier, score etc.) from the Player should they press the incorrect buttons outside the "buffer zone". It's on the improvement list if we get to it though :)


so great to see this game develop!! It was perfectly made and the creators did such an amazing amount of work in such a short time. Beautiful art, I especially loved the backdrops. Music was such a bop and super catchy. But most of all flawless programming! Everything runs so amazingly smooth!

(1 edit) (+2)

It was so much fun seeing this game take shape in the MFGJ Discord! Was excited how it'll be all put together and the result didn't dissappoint. I can see great potential for a bigger version of this with more songs and characters since I could play a game like this all day. Rated: 5/5!

That's great to hear Woitsley. There are definitely things we could improve on for a bigger game, and I kind of feel like this form factor would lend itself quite nicely to mobile!


Ok, legit this is one of the best games I have played from the jam! Only three levels but there was so much detail to every on of them. The battles was smooth too, really felt gooooood when I finally defeated them after a couple of try!

Man, even the writing was funny to just read, and their names XD

Visuals, musics (duh), smooth control, like felt like everything was on point! It was definitely worth my time!

Thank you very much for making such an awesome game! I hope everyone from the jam gets to play this.

Thanks so much for the great feedback SquishyCat! We put a lot of effort in small details in the last few days. Plus it was fun to play around with some of the new Unity features :D Hopefully with more user feedback it's something we'll be able to take a bit further and improve on for a bigger game.